Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sea Stars Cottage

This is it, here she is, Sea Stars Cottage, our Last Resort.

Laguna Key Team moves Nest B-10 to (relative) Safety

Here the Loggerhead eggs have been relocated further back from the wrack line into a nest that closely resembles the original.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catch of the Day

Pompano Jerry is currently holding his "Surf Fishing Clinic" on Sea Stars Beach. Equipment is provided. Individuals and groups welcomed! Please send inquiries to

Pompano, also called: Florida Pompano, Carolina Pompano, Common Pompano, Papino

Food Value: EXCELLENT!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Georgia Peach Slept HERE

This Honeymoon suite is available right now for the special rate of $200 per night. This includes a private 10 X 30 foot covered deck with that gorgeous Gulf view AND a private spa bathroom.
Questions? E-mail me @

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Tracks

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Tracks. Nest B-6

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kewpie Dolls have nothing on HER!

This KEWT girl is my GRANDNIECE, Jordan Grace. She is a mermaid at HEART.

Beach Weddings

Gulf Shores, Alabama Beaches are perfect for weddings. I took this photo of a wedding from the lower deck at Sea Stars Cottage. We had a ringside seat. Following the 9 a.m. wedding these folks went off to brunch returning later for a long day of PLAY.

"Mumu Mamas" My mini watercolor paintings

My Mumu Mama series began one day when I stepped on the scale and thought to self, " are going to be wearing mumus by summer!" Which isn't a bad thing. I thought about that a lot that day and that night I began painting. Mumu Mamas have JOY in their hearts.

Sea Turtle Eggs

In 2007, Tropical Storm Dean inundated this Loggerhead Sea Turtle nest. The nest was underwater for days. 5 eggs were infertile. 120 once viable hatchlings drowned in their own shells.

Friends of the Sea Turtles

Friends of the Sea Turtles wear green shirts. The backs of their shirts read, "Share the Beach" Sea Turtle Volunteer Patrol. Friends patrol the beach every morning searching for the tracks of the Sea Turtle.
Once a nest is found, it is marked and protected for 55 days, or thereabouts.

Watercolor Painting of Sea Stars Cottage

Watercolor by Marion O'Shaughnessy, an ARTIST and a FRIEND.

Sea Stars Cottage rests on the edge of the great Gulf of Mexico.

Catch of the Day!

3 Redfish and 1 is for ME!
1 Flounder from under the sea
2 Pompano for the Jerry!