Friday, April 23, 2010

Catch of the week! Mike Reilly's Black Drums

So HELLO! Michael Reilly of West Beach went a kayakin' one fine day. He saw a sea turtle and caught his supper, 2 huge black drums "which were delicious for weeks". His black drums weighed in at 28 and 24 pounds.

Mike's Easy Recipe

"They were so big! We wanted then cooked thoroughly so being the good southerners we are, we cut the 4 " filets about 1.5 to 2 inches thick.
We shook the pieces in a bag with Zatarains Fish Fry and then fried in our basket fryer."
ummmmummm GOOD!

It's Sea Turtle Season!

Our "kickoff meeting" was GREAT! We had over 180 interested parties attend and it looked like everyone signed up!
May 1st we will begin patrolling Gulf Shores beautiful beaches, what a hardship eh? A stroll on the beach like any other day, except during the season May 1st thru the end of August we are also on the lookout for turtle tracks!